The Perceived Quality database with more than 50 evaluated vehicles

PQ One Cars is a database of ratings, pictures and comments of more than 50 car interiors, each of which has been rated by 5 of our perceived quality experts within Europe and according to more than 120 criteria. We offer our customers direct access to this database via a web interface that can be accessed from anywhere and at any time. On request, our experts evaluate vehicles according to customer specifications. Based on more than 20 years of experience in the field of "Automotive Perceived Quality" Calidat has developed its own PQ criteria framework and a specific questionnaire. Vehicle evaluations can thus be ordered at any time, saving your internal resources and increasing the availability of information. Stay flexible and use external resources to keep up to date on perceived quality.

Calidat Perceived Quality Cars


Would you like to learn more about how Perceived Quality can be used to continuously improve your products? Or are you already active in this field and would like to optimise, make more efficient or digitise your Perceived Quality process? Then get in touch with us. Due to our many years of experience and cooperation with many customers from the automotive industry, but also due to our consulting activities in other industrial sectors, we can offer you competent and tailor-made advice and support. The topics we can cover are various. We would be pleased to help you to make your processes more efficient, to make your Perceived Quality criteria more plausible and complete, to structure and digitalise your methods and workflows.


During the development you want to be sure and know whether your prototype is able to compete with the competition? No matter at what point in time during the product development, we are just as capable of evaluating pure 3D data sets as physical prototypes or just single components or digital user interfaces.

The difficulties of evaluating a product at different stages of product development according to perceived quality criteria are obvious. Subjective opinions should be objectified, and not every employee who is familiar with the topic of perceived quality has many years of experience. To make it easier for companies, we offer to share our experience and evaluate products from outside the company as a neutral person. The aim is to have certainty at all times that the development is going in the right direction and that the end customer is satisfied with the result. Let us talk about how we can support you in this.



Do you have a product that you would like to benchmark against the competition? Do you want to find out whether your customer perceives the product as high quality or do you want to know exactly what has led to other products being perceived as higher quality?
The quality of a product is only confirmed by the perception of the end customer. If the end consumer does not perceive the desired quality, measures must be taken to make the quality more tangible for the end consumer.
In order to find out how quality is perceived by the end consumer, we support you in the organisation and implementation of so-called product clinics or car clinics. These can be carried out in-house with your own resources or externally. We also offer the outsourcing of clinics, which we implement with our own perceived quality experts.
Product Clinics can be a very efficient method to get an impression of how your own products perform compared to those of your competitors. We support you from the conception and methodology to the analysis of the results. In addition, we offer to evaluate vehicles with the Calidat method on request and to pass on the results via our PQ web portal PQ One.