The intelligent software solutions for efficient value management (also called Design to Value or Value Analysis / Value Engineering)
The ValueTracker helps to digitise the value management process - from brainstorming to analysis and implementation. Ideas and suggestions for improvement can be recorded via mobile devices as well as directly in the portal and processed there in real time from anywhere. No more annoying paperwork, no more forgetting important opportunities or product improvements, always keeping full control of your potential value increases.

Value Management


The software solution for car clinics
There are many disadvantages of using paper questionnaires. With PQ One you collect data such as, text, ratings, photos and selection lists with mobile devices. Sources of error due to handwritten comments or incorrect assignment of photos are avoided. No precious time is lost for the transfer of data.
With PQ One, you can digitize car clinics immediately and also significantly improve the quality of the collected data. With the iOS app and the web portal you are flexible and can analyse your results anytime and anywhere.

Calidat pq|one


With Calidat's TechScout you have your collected technologies, innovations or start-ups under control anytime and anywhere. The dashboard with the Tech-Radard helps to make the right decisions at the right time with high efficiency. The individually configurable platform can also communicate with other sources so that you get a cloud solution that is tailored to your needs.
We support your digitisation process from the structuring of data to the implementation of individual dashboards.


Imagine there is an upcoming exhibition, there are different topics, there are different teams and tasks, first-hand information is to be collected to be able to present it afterwards.
This is exactly where the Highlights application of Calidat helps. Intuitive and individual recording of highlights or lowlights via mobile device, online or offline. Transfer of the data at the push of a button or automatically. Creation of a PowerPoint presentation at the push of a button and in your own layout. This saves costs and is definitely more fun!