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ahead of the game with competitive analysis

Use Best in Class solutions for your products and lead the product optimization process

The objective of product development is to make products better or more cost-effective and to achieve a unique selling proposition compared to the competition.
Therefore, product benchmarking is a must-have in product development for a long time.

In order to keep the factors of cost and quality in line with each other and not to miss the „Best in Class“ idea, the companies’ own products are compared with those of the competition and the results are analyzed. The tool for the benchmarking process:

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Always decide flexibly at what level of detail you want to collect data

The required depth of analysis depends on the project and starts with a superficial and objective view of the competitive product compared to the in-house product, continues with functional analyses and can end with a mechanical destruction to determine material properties, key figures and the determination of part costs.
At this point, it quickly becomes clear that this data-intensive and important process requires an appropriate structure and that there is no way around a tailored data platform.
Whereas recently only Excel-based formats and local folder structures were used, today it is almost mandatory to keep up with the digital speed of the industry and the competition in order to stay ahead of the game.

Although speed is not everything, it helps to find solutions quickly and effectively

With the id-x | benchmark software you always keep the overview, drive product optimization and use Best In Class solutions for your product. Go your own way and decide how much data you want to collect. The highly networked structure of the id-x | benchmark software allows a flexible collection of information, whether granularly and reduced to the minimum, or as a bill of material (BOM) or as a highly complex data structure. 
In addition, the platform convinces with diverse features and the speed to analyze and compare data. 
Increase your productivity, save production costs and go the way of digital transformation -.
with the id-x | benchmark software.

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Your advantages at a glance

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Quick comparison

Easy and fast comparison of information from all levels
Simply select data you want to compare and press the „Compare“ button

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Easy data entry

Intuitive capture of information with own mobile devices
Easy connection with workshop or product with QR code

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Ad-hoc reports at any time

Reports & analyses at the push of a button from the system
Excel tables or native PowerPoints in attractive layouts
Multiple PPT layouts can be defined individually by the user

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Search & find

Easy searching and finding of information, as full text or with advanced filter functions.
You can search for field names and contents at the same time – as conveniently as you are used to from common search engines

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Calculate costs globally

Extensive calculation function with a wide range of calculation options
Integrated currency converter with automatic update

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Specific access authorizations

Comfortable and extensive administration of users and user groups with extended access rights

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Flexibility through cross-linking

Highly flexible cross-linking of information possible
Simple cross-linking of any kind of information - also to other departments or products

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Build knowledge base

All projects, ideas and solutions in one database
Creation of a knowledge database - making proprietary knowledge available

iPad icon
iPad icon

Individual look

Custom pages for theme-based structuring of the database
Branding through customization of logos and primary colors

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Breaking boundaries

Supports global and digital collaboration
Standardization of terminologies and processes
Multilingual interface and data entry

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Bill of materials / BOM

Supports bills of materials (BOM) and complex data structures

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Automated 360° product photos

Via an app and an optionally available turntable, 360° photos can be created fully automatically

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Import data

Convenient Excel import function to easily import or synchronize data and images

valueTracker support


For a certain time, Excel lists and presentations work well. Even when data is collected, paper and pencil always work. But as soon as people start searching for information or ideas, things start to get a bit complicated. At best, all files are stored in a structured and secure way on the company’s own servers. But without knowing where the data has been stored, finding information is often very time-consuming and practically impossible for colleagues. This is where a database makes sense and also simplifies data entry and analysis. But the step from Excel and paper to a database does not only bring opportunities but also risks. It all depends on the appropriate structuring of your data and processes. For this it is necessary to apply a combination of business knowledge and database knowledge. The system must be tailored to your business to increase effectiveness and provide a short term ROI. We want to share our many years of experience in this area with you and help you to successfully manage the digital transformation.