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Since Calidat was founded in 2010, we have stood for reliability, innovative solutions and professionalism. In the early years, we were mainly active in the automotive industry, providing our customers with consultancy on product quality and optimization. Later, other industries such as energy and heating, agricultural machinery and household appliances had been added. The focus of our activities was always on product optimization. Because there is not a lot of good software support for this, we have made it our goal to develop the best and most innovative tools for the digitalization of processes. The result of many years of experience and observation of the market is the id-x|platform. A platform for multiple applications, which can be used together to create synergy effects or can be used as a stand-alone solution.
We are happy to pass on our competence and experience in the field of digitalization to our customers and to support them with our consulting services.




More than quality

Quality management is very important for us and is the origin of our activity. Of course, we work according to ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 specifications and have introduced and maintain a quality management system for this purpose.
But quality alone today is no longer enough. The environment demands more sustainability and conservation of raw materials. One way to meet this challenge is through digitalization. We at Calidat have recognized this and therefore work almost paperless. We have completely digitized our internal processes.
Digital technologies can support and accelerate sustainability in product development in many areas - whether through data-driven efficiency gains or digital innovations. We support and promote digitalization in many areas of product optimization through our digital tools. Let’s talk about the digitization of your processes.




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Customer orientation

The customer is always the focus of our activities. We want to inspire our customers and maintain a long-term relationship and partnership. We gladly accept criticism and suggestions from our customers.

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Quality and care

We strive for a convincing price-performance ratio. Thereby the quality of our services is in the foreground, which we plan, develop and implement with care and conscientiousness.

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Information security is extremely important to us. Our information management ensures the protection objectives of confidentiality, availability and integrity. The implemented information security management system is continuously maintained and improved.

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Trust and reliability

Honesty is a cornerstone of our business and partnership. This honesty also forms the breeding ground for our credibility and reliability. We keep our agreements and fulfil our contracts.

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The preservation of the natural foundations of life for future generations is important to us. We therefore conserve resources and operate sustainably. The digitalisation of processes plays an important role in this context.

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Seriousness and professionalism

The demands on ourselves and our services are high. With our headquarters in Cologne as well as with our other branches we contribute to the seriousness of „made in Germany“. To ensure the professionalism of our employees today and in the future, we invest in training and further education.

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Friendliness and helpfulness

Respect for others is the cornerstone of the way we work together in our company as well as in the relationships with our customers and suppliers. We are friendly and we are helpful. We have adopted these qualities and apply them in our interactions with all business partners, both internal and external.





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