PQ One is a professional software and consists of a mobile app and a web-based portal. The app is optimised for the mobile input of any kind of questionnaires. The portal allows simultaneous worldwide access to the collected data, which is systematically stored in a structured database. The portal also allows data to be compared and analysed with a dashboard and statistical tools.

Surveys using paper questionnaires are still frequently used today. The advantages of digitalising this process are obvious: reduction of the number of processing steps, increase in effectiveness and thus an enormous cost saving potential. In addition, the sensitivity to errors is also reduced and thus the quality is improved. Furthermore, with PQ One, the collected data can be shared with your teams or colleagues worldwide immediately after the survey. Does that sound good? Then read on.

Calidat pq|one


Due to our many years of experience and our cooperation with many customers from the automotive sector, but also due to our consulting activities in other branches of industry, we are able to provide you with competent and tailor-made consultancy and support. The topics we can cover are many and varied. We gladly help you to make your processes more efficient, to make your list of criteria more plausible and complete, to structure and digitalize your methods and work flows.

Digitalisation of PQ process

Optimisation of PQ criteria

Improvement of PQ process workflow


The difficulties to evaluate a product in different product development stages according to perceived quality criteria are obvious. Subjective opinions should be objectified and not every PQ employee has many years of experience. To make it easier for companies, we offer to share our experience and to evaluate products from outside the company, as a neutral person.

Sharing expert feedback

Get third opinion from external

Neutral improvement opportunities



We have been organising and implementing Car Clinics for many years now. We stand by our customers and take over either the complete or only partial organization and implementation of car clinics, in-house or as outsourcing, completely outside the organization. Additionally we offer to evaluate cars with the Calidat method on request and share the results through our PQ web portal PQ One.

Supporting in-house PQ car clinics

Outsourcing PQ car clinics

Expert assessments on request