The Value Management Software

Valuetracker is the value management software that catapults you into the digital age in just a few moments. No more annoying paperwork, no more forgetting important opportunities or product improvements, always keeping full control over your potential value increases.

Value Management


The software to manage your product surveys

Car clinics with paper questionnaires and presentation of the results? With PQ One, you can digitize this immediately and also significantly improve the quality of the collected data. With the iOS app and the web portal, you are flexible and can analyze your results anytime and anywhere. PQ One – the solution for product assessments.

Calidat pq|one


Your new way to scout, monitor and track technologies

Collecting technologies easily, tracking their status, all technologies and innovations at a glance and in a single database, being able to make the right decisions with higher efficiency, worldwide access via the cloud or on own servers, that’s TechScout by Calidat!


The highlight application, the most simple solution to intuitively collect exhibition highlights, quickly find them again and share them with others.